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  • Smith, Christopher (2008)
    This paper provides an introduction to Evolutionary Game Theory using precise mathematical language to define key terms. The paper uses those terms to introduce two important concepts: efficient payoff vectors and ...
  • Stetson, Craig (1984)
  • Ramabadran, Gayathri (2004)
    Kakutani's Theorem is fundamentally rooted in Game Theory and is used to prove the existence of Nash equilibria. A Nash equilibrium exists if and only if there is a fixed point of a particular best-response correspondence. ...
  • Mazewski, Matthew (2013)
    Although a sizeable literature on location games has developed since the introduction of the paradigmatic model by Hotelling (1929), relatively little work in this area has departed from the assumption of uniform consumer ...
  • Feder, Theo (2012)
    This paper begins with a short foundational description of the basics of game theory, focusing on the conditions for Nash equilibria. It then delves into the structure and properties of repeated games, including the ...
  • Debrich, Jonathan (2005)
    This paper will examine strategic games and how such games can be modeled with the use of replicator equations. First, we will focus on Nash Equilibria and Evolutionary Stable Strategies (ESS) in such symmetric games. Nash ...


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