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  • Akatsa, Victor Kodzo (1982)
    This paper is a study of the p-adic numbers, the ring of p-adic numbers, the field and extension fields of p-adic numbers with emphasis on the quadratic extension fields.
  • Kist, Morgan (2011)
    The p-adic numbers are a complete metric space with a non-archimedean metric. In this paper we first explore the arithmetic properties of the p-adic numbers and their non-archimedean metric. This is followed by a rigorous ...
  • Penev, Irena (2006)
  • Holmes, Audrey (2015)
    This paper will provide an introduction to p-adic numbers and the Hasse Principle. The main topics include Hensel’s Lemma, the Hasse-Minkowski Theorem, and quadratic forms. The paper will provide worked examples of ...


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