Bioinspired Monomeric Ni (II) Coordination with Novel Ligands: DIG₃Tren and DIG2Tren

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Title: Bioinspired Monomeric Ni (II) Coordination with Novel Ligands: DIG₃Tren and DIG2Tren
Author: Herrick-Reynolds, Kayleigh M.
Advisor: Scarrow, Robert C.
Department: Haverford College. Department of Chemistry
Type: Thesis (B.S.)
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: I report the synthesis, structure and reactivity of nickel(II) with two novel ligands, DIG₂Tren and DIG₃Tren. The synthesis and purification of DIG₂Tren and DIG₃Tren have been refined, and three of their complexes, [Ni(DIG₂Tren)OAc]+BPh4- , [Ni(DIG₃Tren)OAc]+BPh4- and [Ni(DIG₃Tren)OAc]+OAc-, are reported. The first two complexes [Ni(DIG₂Tren)OAc]+BPh4- and [Ni(DIG₃Tren)OAc]+BPh4- bind acetate in a bidentate fashion while the [Ni(DIG₃Tren)OAc]+OAc- complex binds acetate in a monodentate fashion. DIG₂Tren and DIG₃Tren provide a rigid structure with hydrogen bonding capabilities that can stabilize the auxiliary ligand that binds. Mass spectroscopy data supports the formation of a rare monomeric terminal hydroxide complex formed by reacting the [Ni (DIG₃Tren) OAc]+BPh4- complex with two equivalents of KH and subsequent exposure to air. This reaction also gives evidence for the formation of a coordinately unsaturated complex, [Ni(DIG₃Tren-)]+BPh4- . There is also evidence for some reactivity of this compound with CO2 and CH2Cl2. My research has analyzed structural and functional data of the three aforementioned complexes.
Subject: Ligand binding (Biochemistry)
Subject: Nickel compounds -- Synthesis
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Herrick-Reynolds, Kayleigh M.. "Bioinspired Monomeric Ni (II) Coordination with Novel Ligands: DIG₃Tren and DIG2Tren". 2011. Available electronically from

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