Steps Toward the Synthesis of a Co(II) Oxygen Activating Catalyst

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Title: Steps Toward the Synthesis of a Co(II) Oxygen Activating Catalyst
Author: Mertz, Joshua Leighton
Advisor: Scarrow, Robert C.
Department: Haverford College. Department of Chemistry
Type: Thesis (B.S.)
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: While biology has created oxygen activating catalysts through evolution, it has been difficult to create synthetic analogues. Previous research has demonstrated that metal complexes of urea derived ligands might be used for the stabilization of oxygen activation through hydrogen bonding. The synthesis of N-t-Butyl-N’-(2-(dimethylamino)ethyl)-urea was carried out with successful results. A CuII –1-(2-Amino-phenyl)-3-tertbutyl urea complex was also synthesized. Relying on these results, attempts at creating the Co3(μ-O)(HL)4 complex were tried in different conditions, however none were successful. Studies have documented the catalyzed oxidation of 1,4 cyclohexadiene to benzene and 2,5 cyclohexadienol, so in situ attempts at this catalysis were tried. While no catalysis occurred, there is a possibility of catalysis with different metal complexes.
Subject: Catalysis
Subject: Oxygenases
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Mertz, Joshua Leighton. "Steps Toward the Synthesis of a Co(II) Oxygen Activating Catalyst". 2006. Available electronically from

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