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Recital by Haig Minassian '12

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Title: Recital by Haig Minassian '12
Author: Minassian, Haig
Department: Haverford College. Dept. of Music
Type: Thesis (B.A.)
Issue Date: 2012
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2012MinassianH_release.pdf **Archive Staff Only** 71.95Kb PDF
2012MinassianH_program.pdf Program 1.492Mb PDF
02 Minassian_Lew_20120330_2_EcclesSonata.mp3 2.128Mb Unknown
03 Minassian_Lew_20120330_3_EcclesSonata.mp3 2.175Mb Unknown
04 Minassian_Lew_20120330_4_EcclesSonata.mp3 2.111Mb Unknown
05 Minassian_Lew_20120330_5_JacobiSonata.mp3 4.744Mb Unknown
06 Minassian_Lew_20120330_6_JacobiSonata.mp3 5.201Mb Unknown
07 Minassian_Lew_20120330_7_JacobiSonata.mp3 4.336Mb Unknown
08 Minassian_Lew_20120330_8_DebussyRapsodie.mp3 12.33Mb Unknown
09 Minassian_Lew_20120330_9_Encore.mp3 4.923Mb Unknown
01 Minassian_Lew_20120330_1_EcclesSonata.wav **Archive Staff Only** 15.31Mb WAV audio
02 Minassian_Lew_20120330_2_EcclesSonata.wav **Archive Staff Only** 15.62Mb WAV audio
03 Minassian_Lew_20120330_3_EcclesSonata.wav **Archive Staff Only** 15.96Mb WAV audio
04 Minassian_Lew_20120330_4_EcclesSonata.wav **Archive Staff Only** 15.49Mb WAV audio
05 Minassian_Lew_20120330_5_JacobiSonata.wav **Archive Staff Only** 34.84Mb WAV audio
06 Minassian_Lew_20120330_6_JacobiSonata.wav **Archive Staff Only** 38.21Mb WAV audio
07 Minassian_Lew_20120330_7_JacobiSonata.wav **Archive Staff Only** 31.84Mb WAV audio
08 Minassian_Lew_20120330_8_DebussyRapsodie.wav **Archive Staff Only** 90.65Mb WAV audio
09 Minassian_Lew_20120330_9_Encore.wav **Archive Staff Only** 36.16Mb WAV audio
01 Minassian_Lew_20120330_1_EcclesSonata.mp3 2.087Mb Unknown


Minassian, Haig. "Recital by Haig Minassian '12". 2012. Available electronically from

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