Globalization and National Politics: The Need for a New Democracy

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Title: Globalization and National Politics: The Need for a New Democracy
Author: Gandioli, Fernando
Department: Haverford College. Dept. of Political Science
Type: Thesis (B.A.)
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: Today's technology allows us to gain access to sources of knowledge with an ease and a rapidity never imagined. Communication and transportation capabilities have reached such sophistication that we are able to operate mechanical instruments from thousands of miles away with absolute precision. These technological advances have also allowed us to establish more effective contacts with people across the globe, and to share aspirations and grievances, pain and joy, with people that we have never personally met. Modern technology allows for virtually endless amounts of information to be transferred daily throughout the world. "Globalization" is the essence of these transnational exchanges that occur from every part of the world to every part of the world. As a result of the fluctuation of these fluxes of information, political systems and economies are undergoing constant change and re-definition, as mass-media, migrant workers, labor contractors, political and civic organizations enter and exit national borders. The purpose of this thesis is to analyze the effects that this major force called "globalization," and to understand how it affects political institutions and societies. I will look closely at these changes against the background of two countries which have recently begun to immerse themselves greatly in this global system (Chile and Argentina) with the hope that such a view will allow me to provide a more concrete picture.
Subject: Globalization -- Political aspects
Subject: Globalization -- Political aspects -- Chile
Subject: Globalization -- Political aspects -- Argentina
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