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Nonlinear Dynamics and Fluid Instabilities in the 21st Century

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Title: Nonlinear Dynamics and Fluid Instabilities in the 21st Century
Issue Date: 2011-05-19
Abstract: Symposium held 19-20 May 2011 at Haverford College, Stokes Lecture Hall.; This workshop, organized in honor of Jerry Gollub, highlights recent developments and future directions in the field of nonlinear dynamics, with an emphasis on fluid processes.
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WeitzD20110520.f4v (39:17) 338.3Mb Unknown
VothG20110519.f4v Voth, Greg. "Stretching Fields and Rod Motion in 2D Chaotic Flows." (30:44) 114.2Mb Unknown
TsaiJ20110520.f4v Tsai, Jih-Chiang. "Migration of a short chain subjected to a gradient of vibration." (31:34) 135.2Mb Unknown
TabelingP20110520.f4v Tabeling, Patrick. "Some nonlinear effect phenomena in microfluidic systems." (27:11) 104.1Mb Unknown
SwinneyH20110520.f4v Swinney, Harry. "Internal Gravity Wave Dynamics in the Oceans." (28:44) 198.1Mb Unknown
StoneH20110519.f4v Stone, Howard. "Development of Biofilms in Flow." (28:10) 239.2Mb Unknown
SolomonT20110520.f4v Solomon, Tom. "Chaotic mixing and reaction fronts." (30:35) 135.0Mb Unknown
SocolarJ20110519.f4v Socolar, Joshua. "Relaxation to a limit-periodic ground state." (29:47) 112.2Mb Unknown
OuelletteN20110519.f4v Ouellette, Nicholas. "Spatial Structure of Spectral Fluxes in Weak Turbulence." (29:42) 115.4Mb Unknown
LubenskyT20110519.f4v Lubensky, Tom. "Elasticity of Networks of Semi-Flexible Polymers." (27:37) 117.5Mb Unknown
LoweM20110519.f4v Lowe, Mary. "Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Protein AraC." (36:53) 276.4Mb Unknown
LosertW20110519.f4v Losert, Wolfgang. "Physics of Cell Migration and Collective Cell Behavior." (35:14) 139.7Mb Unknown
LiuA20110519.f4v Lui, Andrea. "Two tails of self-diffusiophoretic motility in cells." (27:29) 214.4Mb Unknown
KudrolliA20110520.f4v Kudrolli, Arshad. "Nucleation and crystal growth in granular materials." (35:35) 129.9Mb Unknown
HosoiA20110520.f4v Hosoi, Annette Peko. "Small Swimming Lessons: Optimizing Low Reynolds Number Locomotion." (24:50) 177.4Mb Unknown
GuastoJ20110519.f4v Guasto, Jeffrey. "Swimming and Mixing: The Transport Induced by Biflagellated Microorganisms." (34:04) 126.7Mb Unknown
GluckmanB20110519.f4v Gluckman, Bruce. "Brain Control: Epilepsy, electric fields, sleep and weather." (32:26) 116.9Mb Unknown
EckeR20110520.f4v Ecke, Robert. "Convective instability in multi-component diffusion layers: Application to carbon sequestration." (32:21) 139.9Mb Unknown
DurianD20110520.f4v Durian, Douglas J. "Granular Impact Cratering." (31:29) 255.9Mb Unknown
DoughertyA20110520.f4v Dougherty, Andrew. "Large Pattern Formation in Dendritic Crystal Growth." (31:41) 114.2Mb Unknown
CouderY20110519.f4v Couder, Yves. "On the interplay between past, present and future in the behaviour of particles having a wave-mediated memory." (42:10) 348.7Mb Unknown
CilibertoS20110519.f4v Ciliberto, Sergio. "Heat fluctuations in an out of equilibrium bath." (23:16) 77.81Mb Unknown
ArratiaP20110520.f4v Arratia, Paulo. "A purely elastic subcritical instability in parallel shear flows at low Re." (35:03) 136.2Mb Unknown
ArnoldC20110519.f4v Arnold, Craig. "Experimental and Numerical Study of Thin-Film Laser-Induced Jetting Behavior." (30:30) 110.8Mb Unknown
AhlersG20110519.f4v Ahlers, Guenter. "The influence of rotation on turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection." (29:55) 106.1Mb Unknown
20110520_1030-1200.m4v 1.073Gb Unknown
20110520_830-1000.m4v 1.165Gb Unknown
20110520_400-545.m4v 1.101Gb Unknown
20110520_200-330.m4v 1.065Gb Unknown
20110519_1045-1215.m4v 1018.Mb Unknown
20110519_815-1015.m4v 1.196Gb Unknown
20110519_430-600.m4v 1.217Gb Unknown
20110519_200-400.m4v 1.334Gb Unknown
20110519_200-400.iso **Archive Staff Only** 2.357Gb Unknown
20110519_430-600.iso **Archive Staff Only** 3.505Gb Unknown
20110519_815-1015.iso **Archive Staff Only** 2.030Gb Unknown
20110519_1045-1215.iso **Archive Staff Only** 3.005Gb Unknown
20110520_200-330.iso **Archive Staff Only** 3.071Gb Unknown
20110520_400-545.iso **Archive Staff Only** 3.176Gb Unknown
20110520_830-1000.iso **Archive Staff Only** 3.339Gb Unknown
20110520_1030-1200.iso **Archive Staff Only** 3.103Gb Unknown
Poster.pdf 446.0Kb PDF
Program.pdf 750.4Kb PDF
AhlersG20110519.pdf abstract 8.823Kb PDF
ArnoldC20110519.pdf abstract 9.472Kb PDF
ArratiaP20110520.pdf abstract 13.25Kb PDF
CilibertoS20110519.pdf abstract 8.166Kb PDF
CouderY20110519.pdf abstract 9.514Kb PDF
DoughertyA20110520.pdf abstract 9.024Kb PDF
DurianD20110520.pdf abstract 13.32Kb PDF
EckeR20110520.pdf abstract 8.808Kb PDF
GluckmanB20110519.pdf abstract 8.179Kb PDF
GuastoJ20110519.pdf abstract 8.741Kb PDF
HosoiA20110520.pdf abstract 8.740Kb PDF
KudrolliA20110520.pdf abstract 8.919Kb PDF
LiuA20110519.pdf abstract 8.699Kb PDF
LosertW20110519.pdf abstract 8.531Kb PDF
LoweM20110519.pdf abstract 8.632Kb PDF
LubenskyT20110519.pdf abstract 9.309Kb PDF
OuelletteN20110519.pdf abstract 8.570Kb PDF
SocolarJ20110519.pdf abstract 8.247Kb PDF
SolomonT20110520.pdf abstract 8.538Kb PDF
StoneH20110519.pdf abstract 8.477Kb PDF
SwinneyH20110520.pdf abstract 8.991Kb PDF
TabelingP20110520.pdf abstract 8.105Kb PDF
TsaiJ20110520.pdf abstract 8.795Kb PDF
VothG20110519.pdf abstract 8.418Kb PDF


"Nonlinear Dynamics and Fluid Instabilities in the 21st Century". 2011-05-19. Available electronically from

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