Report on Physics Seminar First Semester, 1922-23

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Title: Report on Physics Seminar First Semester, 1922-23;
Report Physics 10 Second half-year, 1921-1922;
Physics 10 Report First Semester
Author: Sagebeer, Richard G.
Department: Haverford College. Dept. of Physics
Type: Thesis (B.S.)
Issue Date: 1921-23
Subject: Thallium sulfide -- History
Subject: Optical detectors -- History
Subject: Selenium cells -- History
Subject: Direct current amplifiers -- History
Subject: Capacitance meters -- History
Subject: Selenium -- History
Subject: Electric currents -- Measurement -- History
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1922-23SagebeerR_Report_on_Physics_Seminar_First_Semester.pdf Thesis (Haverford users only) 1.890Mb PDF
1922-23SagebeerR_Physics_10_Report_First_Semester.pdf Thesis (Haverford users only) 2.580Mb PDF
Haverford_departmental_permission.pdf ** Archive Staff Only ** 30.60Kb PDF


Sagebeer, Richard G.. "Report on Physics Seminar First Semester, 1922-23". 1921-23. Available electronically from

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