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The Great Famine in Ukraine from 1930-1933: An Instrument of Nationalism Then and Today

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Title: The Great Famine in Ukraine from 1930-1933: An Instrument of Nationalism Then and Today
Author: Fisun, Helen
Advisor: Gerstein, Linda; Smith, Paul Jacov
Department: Haverford College. Dept. of History
Type: Thesis (B.A.)
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: The Great Famine in the Soviet Union lasted between the years of 1930 and 1933. The devastation peaked in winter of 1932 and continued throughout 1933. Statistics which accurately represent the tragedy are impossible to find due to Stalin's deliberate erasure of records. These records would have depicted a scene of mass murder. It has been estimated that the Famine took around eight to ten million lives. Five to six million of these citizens belonged to the Ukrainian SSR. This occurred because of Stalin's direct targeting of the Ukrainian state in order to industrialize and modernize the Soviet Union in an unrealistic time frame. Thus, for maximum results, he instituted a system of collective farming throughout the USSR which most severely affected the peasants of the Ukrainian country side. When the peasants rebelled, refusing to be manipulated by the Soviet Regime, Stalin punished the peasantry for their defiance by instituting a man-made famine through the exportation of harvested crops out of Ukraine. Furthermore, he prohibited the provision of aid, as well as the emigration of Ukrainian peasants from the countryside. This resulted in the mass starvation of the Ukrainian peasantry, killing millions of innocent victims. More recently, the topic of Holodomor, the Famine in Ukraine, has resurfaced as a politically polarizing issue. Russia refuses to accept its role in the mass murder of Ukrainian people, while Ukraine asserts the Russian role as an intentional exploiter of Ukraine. Their refusal to acknowledge Holodomor represents an example of Russian authority's inability to recognize Ukraine as an equal sovereign nation.
Subject: Ukraine -- History -- Famine, 1932-1933
Subject: Holodomor denial
Subject: Soviet Union -- Politics and government -- 1917-1936
Subject: Ukraine -- Politics and government
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Fisun, Helen. "The Great Famine in Ukraine from 1930-1933: An Instrument of Nationalism Then and Today". 2011. Available electronically from

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