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  • (1999)
  • Haverford College. Honor Council (2015)
    [Remy] contacted Honor Council after lying about the hours he had spent [cooking pasta] for [Pasta Cooking 101]. At the end of each week, [Chef Lou] asks students to report the number of hours spent cooking pasta, and ...
  • Rhett 
  • (2010)
  • Ron 
  • Rosie 
  • Royce 
  • Haverford College. Honor Council (2015)
    This trial concerns accidental plagiarism on an assignment in a second year [Arcade Games] class. The violation was unusual because the assignment was not what is typically discussed when considering plagiarism. Furthermore, ...
  • Sam 
  • Scrubs 
    Haverford College. Honor Council (2014)
    This case involves JD, a student in Dr. Cox's Pathology 200 class. When Dr. Cox emailed him about a late paper, he replied that he was confused about the deadline, and he hoped to receive an extension. As JD wrote this ...
  • Sean 
  • (2006)
  • Shirley 
  • Haverford College. Honor Council (2013)
    Clark Kent, a recent Haverford graduate, contacted Honor Council and admitted to stealing meals from the DC and the Coop for much of his senior year. He viewed his actions as a breach of community trust and wanted to make ...
  • Smee 


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