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  • (2009)
  • Haverford College. Honor Council (2014)
    Angela Martin, a Bryn Mawr student taking Paper Sales 300 with Professor Michael Scott, was confronted about extensive plagiarism in her midterm paper. Upon being confronted, she noticed that she had submitted an earlier ...
  • Oliver 
  • Olivia 
  • (2002)
  • Pamela 
  • Haverford College. Honor Council (2014)
    Tom Haverford contacted Honor Council by email regarding cheating on part of his final assignment. He had been prompted by his Parks Planning 200 professor, April Ludgate, to do so. However, he denied having violated the ...
  • Paul 
  • Peanuts 
  • Haverford College. Honor Council (2015)
    This incident involves [Aristotle], a freshman who brought himself to Honor Council after being confronted by his professor for a potential violation of the Code in his [Republic 101] class. After Honor Council considered ...
  • Pip 
  • P.J. 
  • Planets 
  • Pokemon 
    Haverford College. Honor Council (2014)
    Ash Ketchum, a student in the POKE101 class co-taught by Prof. Oak and Prof. Elm inappropriately used answer keys provided to him in completing important class assignments. Ash’s inappropriate academic conduct became ...
  • Pooh 
  • (2011)
  • Haverford College. Honor Council (2015)
    Toward the end of the Spring Semester, [Westley] brought himself to Honor Council concerning an issue with his fourth response paper in [Professor Inigo Montoya’s] [Swordfighting Strategies 202] class. Professor Montoya ...


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