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  • (2005)
  • Henry 
  • Hera 
  • Herbert 
  • (2011)
  • Haverford College. Honor Council (1996)
    Late one night, Safety and Security responded to a report of fire on the grand stands. Officers arrived on the scene and found four piles of four rolls of toilet paper each that had been ignited. The fires were put out, ...
  • Haverford College. Honor Council (2014)
    [Peeta Mellark] was found in violation of the Honor Code for plagiarizing material for a [Disguises in the Wild] assignment. [Peeta] told the jury that he suffered chronically from [a painful health condition], and that ...
  • The Iliad 
    Haverford College. Honor Council (2014)
    [Achilles] and [Patroclus] were living together and taking Warfare Strategies 257 together. After accidentally seeing his friend’s test and seeing that an answer was nearly identical to his own, [Achilles] confronted ...
  • Haverford College. Honor Council (2015)
    [Indiana Jones (Indy)], a recent alumnus of Haverford, reported himself to Honor Council for three potential violations of the Honor Code that had taken place while he was a student at Haverford. Honor Council sent the ...
  • Jacques 
  • (1992)
  • James 
  • (2012)
  • Jane 
  • Janet 
  • (1990)


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