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  • Lizzie 
  • Lola 
  • Haverford College. Honor Council (2015)
    Judy Robinson and Penny Robinson were Bryn Mawr students in Professor Maureen Robinson’s Intergalactic Zoology 200 class during a spring semester. While grading final exams, Professor Robinson noticed striking similarities ...
  • Lucy 
  • (2000)
  • Lynn 
  • Madonna 
    Haverford College. Honor Council (1996)
    Madonna, a student in the Professor Formerly-Known-As-Prince's Physics class, contacted an Honor Council member concerning her conduct on a recent exam. Honor Council met and reached consensus on a suspicion of violation.
  • Magdalena 
  • Manuela 
  • Mark 
  • Maroon 5 
    Haverford College. Honor Council (2015)
    This case concerns plagiarism on a final paper and final exam by [Adam Levine], a student in Professor [James Valentine]’s class [Songs About Jane 106]. The trial was complicated by the fact that Adam left Haverford after ...
  • Marvin 
  • Haverford College. Honor Council (2015)
    This case involves potential inappropriate collaboration on an extra credit assignment by a student, [Michael]. After extensive fact finding meetings, the jury believed that Michael had copied from a classmate’s assignment ...
  • Matilda 
    Haverford College. Honor Council (2013)
    This case involved an academic confrontation by Miss Honey to Matilda over an assignment submitted in Supernatural Powers 101. Matilda inadvertently obtained the telekinesis paper her research partner, Lavender, wrote while ...
  • Haverford College. Honor Council (2007)
    Maureen, a Bryn Mawr freshman, was taking a Haverford class taught by Professor Flatley. Maureen handed in a draft of a paper, and while reading it Professor Flatley became suspicious of plagiarism and checked his suspicions ...
  • May 
  • Maya 
  • Haverford College. Honor Council (2014)
    Kevin Gnapoor confronted two of his friends, Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith, over a potential case of inappropriate collaboration. Upon reading statements from all parties, Honor Council consented to drop the case.


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