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  • Neil 
    Haverford College. Honor Council (1994)
    After correcting Neil's take home midterm exam, Professor Teton suspected that Neil, a first semester senior, used the solution set that he had prepared fur other students who had taken the exam in order to complete his ...
  • Tangled 
    Haverford College. Honor Council (2015)
    Rapunzel, a Bryn Mawr international student, was a confronted party in an Honor Council Academic Trial. One of the final resolutions of this trial was that Rapunzel be conditionally separated from Haverford College until ...
  • Friends 
    Haverford College. Honor Council (2015)
    Two students in [CNPK200: Topics About Central Perk] were confronted by one of the course professors for suspicion of inappropriate collaboration on the final exam. The case was sent to an academic trial. Because the ...
  • Haverford College. Honor Council (2015)
    [S tarlord], [Rocket], and [Groot] were all living on the same floor of the same dorm at Haverford. Starlord returned from a weekend off campus to find his doorknob broken and his possessions disturbed. Due to previous ...
  • Bob 
    Haverford College. Honor Council (1991)
    On a crowded night during dinner in the Dining Center, Bob got up on a table and announced a party. His announcement did not mention alcohol specifically, but did mention the time and the place of the party. A community ...