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Historical Films of Swarthmore College

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Historical Films of Swarthmore College


The motion picture camera was invented at the end of the 1880s. While George A. Hoadley, Professor of Physics from 1888 to 1914, organized a Camera Club at Swarthmore College before 1898, the earliest surviving 16 mm film in Swarthmore's collection dates from 1925. A transition to recording College events on videocassette began in 1975.

Digitized films of Swarthmore College may be accessed directly from this home page in Triceratops or can also be searched in Tripod by entering the subject, “Swarthmore College,” then limiting by format, “VHS;” the summary records contain links to the films. The Library term "VHS" also includes the digitized 16mm films.

Recent Submissions

  • (Swarthmore, Pa.: Swarthmore College, 1981, 1981)
    Faculty/staff production of Anything goes at Swarthmore College, Nov. 13-14, 1981, to benefit Foreign Student Scholarship Fund. Sponsored by Penguin Club and staged in Clothier Hall.
  • (Swarthmore, Pa.: Swarthmore College, 1996, 1996)
    Scenes from Swarthmore Alumni Weekend, Class of 1971, in Frear Ensemble Theatre, 6/7/96.
  • (Swarthmore, Pa. : Swarthmore College, 1995, 1995)
    Videocassette of the Swarthmore College Alumni Gospel Choir's making of their album, November 17-19, 1995.
  • (Swarthmore, Pa. : Swarthmore College, 1994, 1994)
    Swarthmore College student production of the play, "The Colored Museum." Very dark.
  • (Swarthmore, Pa.: Swarthmore College, 1994, 1994)
    The Swarthmore College Dancers' Spring Concert of 1994, with works choreographed by both students and faculty. Very dark.