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  • Graves, Amy Lisa (Swarthmore College, September 12, 2013)
    Professor of Physics Amy Graves discusses what it means for a system to be "jammed."
  • Anderson, Nathalie, 1948- (Swarthmore College, September 5, 2011)
    "I think every book of poems tells a story," says Professor of English Literature Nathalie Anderson. Here, she reads (5:10) from Quiver, her latest collection. "I think of this one as balanced between loss and consolation," ...
  • Lawrence-Lightfoot, Sara, 1944- (Swarthmore College, November 1, 2014)
    Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot ’66, a MacArthur prize-winning sociologist and distinguished professor of education at Harvard University, will deliver this year’s McCabe Lecture “On Goodness in Education: Disrupting the Discourse.” ...
  • (Swarthmore, Pa. : Swarthmore College, 1974, 1974)
  • Schofield, Lynne Steuerle (Swarthmore College, October 9, 2012)
    Prof. Lynne Schofield's talk examines public reaction to the proposed changes to Pennsylvania's K-12 high-stakes assessment policy. She and her students examine the characteristics of different school districts, individuals' ...
  • Burke, Timothy, 1964- (Swarthmore College, February 10, 2015)
    Counterfactuals are studies of might-have-beens, events that could have happened. Counterfactual thinking has an important place in human cognition and behavior and is accordingly studied by some psychologists. There are ...
  • Holliday, Alison E. (Swarthmore College, April 8, 2014)
    In this talk, Alison discusses the properties and uses of pesticides, exploring the controversies of their use. She also discusses her research on measuring the accumulation and break-down of pesticides in the environment.
  • Thompson, Stanford (Swarthmore College, November 5, 2014)
  • (Swarthmore, Pa.: Swarthmore College, 1941, 1941)
    Picnic at Pitt's farm academic procession (very poor) close-ups of individual seniors at picnic, including Walt Stuber
  • (Swarthmore, Pa. : Swarthmore College, 1935, 1935)
  • Pittinger, N.O (Swarthmore, Pa.: N.O. Pittenger, 1940, 1940)
    Scenes from the WSGA at Pittwillow, 1940
  • Rudovsky, David (Swarthmore College, September 15, 2014)
    David Rudovsky, Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a founding partner of the public interest law firm of Kairys, Rudovsky, Messing & Feinberg, presents the 2014 Constitution Day Lecture.
  • Lukić, Jasmina (Swarthmore College, October 2, 2014)
  • Lakey, George (Swarthmore College, November 17, 2008)
    Now that the next U.S. President is known, what are some options for people who want major change in national policies both domestic and foreign, in the direction of justice, peace, and environmental sustainability? Visiting ...
  • Williamson, Theresa (Swarthmore College, April 1, 2015)
  • Vigoda, Ben (Swarthmore College, October 24, 2014)
    Ben Vigoda (Swarthmore Physics ’96) will talk about his experiences building interesting new things at the MIT Media Lab, industrial research labs, and startups, and will be available for questions and discussion. He and ...
  • Song, Eric B., 1979- (Swarthmore College, January 30, 2014)
    Assistant Professor of English Literature Eric Song presents "The Queen Is Not a Subject: The Politics and Theology of Edmund Spenser's Matrimonial Poetics." He is introduced by his colleague Nora Johnson. Song joined ...
  • Stewart-Winter, Timothy; Shah, Nayan, 1966-; Stokes, Lauren; Roseberry-Polier, Ali (Swarthmore College, April 18, 2014)
    This panel, moderated by Pieter Judson ’78, features four histories of queer Swarthmore which are also queer histories of Swarthmore. Our panelists relate the experiences of queer community members in different generations ...
  • Hard and It's Hard -- King Edward -- Going Down This Road -- Freight Train -- Jesse James -- Foggy Mountain Top -- Fix Me a Pallet -- Hard and It's Hard -- All My Trials -- Black is the Color -- Linstead Market -- Woody -- Dink's Song (Noah's Dove) -- Two Sisters (Binore) -- Blow the Candles Out -- Easy Rider -- Rock Island Line -- Butcher Boy -- House of the Rising Sun -- Lass From the Low Country -- Kisses Sweeter Than Wine -- Buck Eyed Jim -- Cotton Eyed Joe
    (Swarthmore College, 1956)
  • Coyote, Ivan E. (Ivan Elizabeth), 1969- (Swarthmore College, October 25, 2014)


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