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Missing a Loved One and The Role of Need Fulfillment

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Title: Missing a Loved One and The Role of Need Fulfillment
Author: Eyerer, Anna
Advisor: Le, Benjamin
Department: Haverford College. Dept. of Psychology
Type: Thesis (B.A.)
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: The current study explored the role of need fulfillment in the experience of missing a romantic partner. The sample consisted of 163 participants from ages 17 to 24 in long-distance romantic relationships and currently geographically separated from their partners. Participants took an online survey where they rated their need fulfillment, expectations of need fulfillment, need importance, and social network need fulfillment of 22 needs. The survey also measured participants’ amount of missing, relationship commitment, and attachment dimensions. The results found a positive relationship between need fulfillment and missing and a moderating effect of anxious and avoidant attachment dimensions on this relationship. Additionally, commitment correlated positively with missing which replicates past research. Based on the current findings and considering Interdependence Theory, it was concluded that need fulfillment serves as a predictor of missing because need fulfillment produces dependence on a romantic partner and subsequent commitment.
Subject: Interpersonal relations -- Psychological aspects
Subject: Separation (Psychology)
Subject: Long-distance relationships
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