A Date with Mother Nature: The Environmental Investment Model

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Title: A Date with Mother Nature: The Environmental Investment Model
Author: Rickert, Jeff
Advisor: Le, Benjamin
Department: Haverford College. Dept. of Psychology
Type: Thesis (B.A.)
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: The present study sought to identify determining factors that were associated with pro-environmental behaviors. In two studies, we adapted two relevant theoretical templates (the Investment Model and the Theory of Planned Behavior) into a unified model to test our hypotheses investigating environmental relationships. In Study 1, using a community sample, we examined our theoretical framework using a cross-sectional design and self-report measures to investigate the relationships between environmental attitudes and beliefs towards energy conservation, recycling, and use of alternative transportation. We hypothesized that satisfaction level, quality of alternatives, investment size, and subjective norms regarding the natural environment would be associated with commitment to the natural environment and these ecological behaviors. Additionally, we predicted that commitment would be significantly associated with willingness to sacrifice for the environment and these same ecological behaviors. The purpose of Study 2 was to assess the causal mechanisms and directionality of the association between level of commitment and willingness to sacrifice using priming techniques. Our data support the belief that greater personal commitment predicts greater pro-environmental behavior (i.e., willingness to sacrifice for the environment). Further, these data clarify behavioral ambiguities within the human-environment relationship by investigating specific ecological domains.
Subject: Ecology -- Psychological aspects
Subject: Environmental psychology
Subject: Environmental responsibility -- Psychological aspects
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