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Exposing the New Crusader War

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Title: Exposing the New Crusader War
Author: bin Laden, Osama
Publisher: Islam Watch
Type: Text
Issue Date: 2003-02-14
Subject: 9/11/2001 -- Humiliation, Reward/Punishment
Subject: Afghanistan -- Collaborating with Infidels, Area of Jihad, Duty of Jihad
Subject: Arab States -- Oppression of Muslims, Collaborating with Infidels
Subject: Chechnya -- Oppression of Muslims, Outcome of Jihad, Area of Jihad
Subject: Circles of Jihad -- Duty of Jihad
Subject: Crusaders -- Enemy of Islam
Subject: Democracy -- Incompatibility with Islam
Subject: Egypt -- Area to be Defended
Subject: George W. Bush -- Enemy of Islam
Subject: Hamid Karzai -- Agent of United States, Enemy of Islam, Apostasy
Subject: Indonesia -- Area of Jihad
Subject: Iraq -- Area of Jihad
Subject: Israel -- Enemy of Islam
Subject: Jordan -- Area to be Defended
Subject: Kashmir -- Area of Jihad
Subject: Kuwait -- Collaborating with Infidels
Subject: Lebanon -- Area to be Defended, Outcome of Jihad
Subject: Mujahideen -- Material Support, Outcome of Jihad
Subject: Pakistan -- Collaborating with Infidels
Subject: Palestine -- Oppression of Muslim, Area to be Defended, Area of Jihad
Subject: Philippines -- Area of Jihad
Subject: Russia -- Outcome of Jihad
Subject: Saudi Arabia -- Occupied, Collaborating with Infidels
Subject: Sykes-Picot -- Humiliation
Subject: Syria -- Area to be Defended
Subject: Tony Blair -- Enemy of Islam
Subject: U.S.S. Cole Attack -- Outcome of Jihad
Subject: Ulema -- Collaborating with Infidels, Counterislamic Propaganda, Duty of Jihad
Subject: Ummah -- Outcome of Jihad, Superiority of Islam, Duty of Jihad
Subject: United Nations -- Enemy of Islam, Secularism, Agent of United States
Subject: United States -- Outcome of Jihad, Agent of Israel, Oppression of Muslims
Subject: War on Terror -- Conspiracy
Subject: Youth -- Duty of Jihad
Subject: Zionist -- Enemy of Islam
Description: Audience: Ummah
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bin Laden, Osama. "Exposing the New Crusader War". Islam Watch. 2003-02-14. Available electronically from

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