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Interview with Mary Hoxie Jones

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Title: Interview with Mary Hoxie Jones
Author: Curtis, Barbara
Performer: Jones, Mary Hoxie
Type: Recording, oral
Issue Date: 1963-08-01
Subject: Jones, Mary Hoxie
Subject: Jones, Rufus Matthew, 1863-1948
Description: Mary Hoxie Jones Interview; Copy
Mary Hoxie Jones; Copy
Mary Hoxie Jones SCAP 66, 66NR
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SCAP66.wav ** Archive Staff Only ** 599.6Mb WAV audio
SCAP66NR.wav ** Archive Staff Only ** 599.6Mb WAV audio
Track01.mp3 (22:11) 25.39Mb Unknown
Track01NR.mp3 (22:11) 25.39Mb Unknown
Track02.mp3 (25:38) 29.34Mb Unknown
Track02NR.mp3 (25:38) 29.34Mb Unknown
Track03.mp3 (11:35) 13.26Mb Unknown
Track03NR.mp3 (11:35) 13.26Mb Unknown


Curtis, Barbara. "Interview with Mary Hoxie Jones". 1963-08-01. Available electronically from

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