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  • Perkoff, Elana (2015)
    This paper analyzes the Viterbi algorithm and its application to Sign Language Recognition. The Viterbi algorithm is used as a maximum a posteriori approach to solving the decoding problem of Hidden Markov Models (HMM). ...
  • Feldman, Michael (2015)
    Machine learning algorithms called classifiers make discrete predictions about new data by training on old data. These predictions may be hiring or not hiring, good or bad credit, and so on. The training data may contain ...
  • English, Matt (2015)
    The goal of this thesis is to present information which will support programming through speech recognition by finding a limit for the size of commands in the given language of the program. This limit is the point at which ...
  • Caspari, Adam (2015)
    One of the most fundamental concepts in graph theory is connectivity, or the property that a path exists between two vertices in a given graph. The property of connectivity may be extended into biconnectivity and ...
  • Mendelsohn, Richard (2015)
    The goal of this thesis is to create a suitable standard for evaluating lazy evaluation techniques, and to use this standard to compare existing methods of lazy evaluation in C++. For our standard we will create a rigorous ...


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