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  • Lynne, Butler (January , 2016)
    Stat 203 is an applied statistics course, intended for students who are mathematically capable but statistically inexperienced. It is roughly comparable to Econ 204, since it has a prerequisite of Math 118 (integral calculus) ...
  • Lynne, Butler (January , 2016)
    This half-course aims to broaden your perspective on what it means to do math. You will encounter math beyond calculus and linear algebra. You will formulate problems, develop strategies for solving them, and explore the ...
  • Lynne, Butler (September , 2015)
    This course introduces students who have taken multivariable calculus to probability, the mathematical foundation of statistics. It begins with the intuitive idea of the probability of an outcome in a (repeatable) experiment. ...
  • Lynne, Butler (September , 2015)
    Students learn ideas and methods of linear algebra by understanding them geometrically, justifying them algebraically, and using them to solve problems in various disciplines. The ideas and methods covered are used in ...
  • Roberts, Deborah; Quintero, Maria (January , 2016)
    The purpose of this seminar is to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of work in progress on the senior thesis. We will not meet every week, but in the course of the semester each student will give two presentations ...


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