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Interview with Jacinta Mejia

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Title: Interview with Jacinta Mejia
Author: Mejia, Jacinta
Type: Video
Issue Date: 2009-06-07
Description: Interview conducted in Tululche, Chiché, El Quiché, Guatemala. Contains English subtitles.
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JacintaMejia_pt3.mpeg (1:20) 151.4Mb MPEG video
JacintaMejia_pt2.mpeg (4:39) 522.1Mb MPEG video
JacinaMejia_pt1.mpeg (4:48) 542.3Mb MPEG video
JacinaMejia_pt1.f4v (4:48) 59.58Mb Unknown
JacintaMejia_pt2.f4v (4:39) 57.56Mb Unknown
JacintaMejia_pt3.f4v (1:20) 16.50Mb Unknown


Mejia, Jacinta. "Interview with Jacinta Mejia". 2009-06-07. Available electronically from

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