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Public Approval and Mortality

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Title: Public Approval and Mortality
Author: Adelsberg, Mark
Advisor: Ball, Richard J.
Type: Thesis (B.A.)
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Previous studies on the topic of approval demonstrated that positive professional public approval can decrease mortality risks and increase the lifespan of individuals by as much as four years. This thesis studied public approval, a subset of general approval, and the effects that it has on mortality. Senators, whose job status relies on public approval, were observed to see if there were differences in mortality risks based on differences in public approval. Survival analysis and the Cox Proportional Hazards Model were used to create a model for the differences in mortality rates. The results showed that public approval does have significant effects on the life expectancy of Senators.
Subject: Social desirability -- Econometric models
Subject: Legislators -- United States -- Mortality
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