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  • Robertson, Codi (2015)
    The justification problem is an important problem in the field of ethics. If a prescriptive way of life cannot be justified, then it will hold no weight for those who consider it. Because there has been a rekindled interest ...
  • Halterman, Erik (2015)
    This essay seeks to develop a new theory of intellectual virtue. It rejects the popular reliabilist account as a fundamental misunderstanding of the metaphysical nature of virtue. Namely, reliabilism reduces virtues to ...
  • Gabor, Zachary (2015)
    It is quite common for mathematicians to refer to theorems or definitions as generalizations of others. Although one gets a very good sense of what the term means by doing enough mathematics, it is not a term that ...
  • Crawford, Charlie (2015)
    Our modem world is one ever increasingly dominated by technology. As such, our relationship to it has become more complicated than one would normally assume. As a byproduct, modernity has conditioned us to value practicality ...
  • Jaramillo, Sara (2015)
    My aim in this paper will be to examine the relation between an agent’s intentions and her actions. I will look at two different ways of approaching the relation: the causal framework and the expressivist framework, and I ...


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