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  • Jamboree 
    With Or Without You / arr. Lima -- Zombie / arr. Baker -- I Believe In A Thing Called Love / arr. Lima -- Aicha / arr. Thomas and Ianuzzi -- The Way You Make Me Feel / arr. Innis -- My Love / arr. Ianuzzi -- Black Coffee / arr. Weathers -- Peel Me a Grape / arr. Cao -- Wade in the Water / arr. Schneider and Griffin -- What the Deal / arr. Elhai -- Chasin' You Around / arr. Elhai -- Fell in Love With a Girl / Elhai -- Judah Maccabee / arr. Shevitz and Bohnen -- Girl / Salinger -- Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen / arr. Earl -- Roll To Me / arr. Sun -- Just Like Heaven / arr. Strout -- In The Waiting Line / arr. Wolk and Arcuni -- Please Mr. Postman / arr. Perelstein -- Collide / arr. Murata -- It's in His Kiss / Dan Perelstein -- ... / arr. Perelstein, Rynick, and Murata -- Let's Get It Started / unknown -- Pastyme with Good Company / Henry -- Amicus Meus / de Victoria -- Allerseelen / arr. Mulligan -- Ave Maria, gratia plena / de Victoria --
    (Swarthmore College, December 14, 2006)
  • Kiss Me / arr. Marina Lima -- Breaths / arr. Myles Dakan -- Each Coming Night / arr. Ben Thuronyi -- Gloria / Pycard -- Os Justi / Bruckner -- See, See the Shepherd's Queen / Tomkins -- Yalla Bye / arr. Alex Benn -- Killer Haman / arr. Adam Levine-Weinberg -- Panasim / arr. Daniella Forstater
    (Swarthmore College, May 7, 2007)
  • Beauty ; Underground River / Jane Comfort and Company
    (Swarthmore College, February 15, 2013)
  • Fleeting Thoughts ; Underground River / Jane Comfort and Company
    Twist, Basil; Lewis, Jim; (Swarthmore College, November 18, 2005)
  • Master Class / Jane Comfort
    (Swarthmore College, February 14, 2013)
  • Workshop / Jane Comfort
    (Swarthmore College, February 16, 2013)
  • Murakami, Masataka (2008)
    Japanese final particles are a gendered, optional linguistic feature that is added to a word in a sentence or to the end of a sentence to express subtle nuances commonly in the spoken language. In terms of frequency of ...
  • Otero, Antonio (2007)
    This thesis aims to explore the notion of identity in relation to Japanese speakers as reflected in their use of first-person pronouns, given that the first-person pronoun in Japanese has several varying forms (watashi, ...
  • Deh Vieni Non Tardar / Mozart -- L'Heure Exquise ; Si Mes Vers Avaint Des Ailes / Hahn -- O Sleep, Why Dost Thou Leave Me? ; Endless Pleasure ; Piangero / Handel -- Die Nacht ; Allerseelen ; / Strauss -- Whatever Happened to my Part? ; The Song That Goes Like This / Du Prez -- Chi Bel Sogno di Dorretta / Puccini
    (Swarthmore College, February 25, 2012)
  • Corso, Matthew (2011)
    Jersey City has struggled in a variety of ways over the course of its long and tumultuous history. The research for this project was done in order to discover more about the causes and effects of certain social ...
  • Barber, Victoria (2013)
    The molecular structure of anethole (methoxy-4-(prop-l-enyl)benzene), was investigated using Jet-Cooled UV spectroscopy. A laser-induced fluorescence spectrum was obtained of the S₁-S₀ transition. Two 0⁰₀ transitions were ...
  • Entwisle, Barbara (1975)
    In this thesis, the author discusses the relationship between the community Jeune France and artistic production, In particular music, in two different ways. First, the existence of the community is related to the spread ...
  • Weber, Hugh M. (1999)
  • Campbell, Alison (1986)
    Campbell examines the internal mechanizations of the Kennedy administration in regard to its policies on Vietnam. Utilizing a combination of government documents, newspaper articles, and a synthesis of secondary ...
  • (Swarthmore College, January 27, 2013)
  • (Swarthmore College, 2013)
  • Zaveruha, Barbara (1970)
    For this paper, the author distributed a questionnaire to 9th -12th graders at The St. Croix High School in St. Croix. The longer form, which included questions about jobs and work, was given to juniors and seniors, while ...
  • Cook, Peter; Strand, Connie (1971)
    In this paper, the authors attempted first a theoretical examination of work and theories concerning job motivation and job satisfaction. Secondly, in the empirical section, the authors sought to practically examine one ...
  • Concerto for Flute, Harp, and Orchestra in C major, K.299 / Mozart
    (Swarthmore College, February 28, 2010)


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