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  • Quartet in F minor, op.95 / Beethoven -- Seasons / Peterson -- Quartet in A minor, op.132 / Beethoven
    (Swarthmore College, February 20, 2009)
  • Swarthmore College. Library (Swarthmore College, April 18, 2004)
  • (Swarthmore College, April 19, 2009)
  • (Swarthmore College, 2014)
  • (Swarthmore College, 2014)
  • Fortunato, Chris (2014)
    This project creates a serial data link using a voice call between cell phones. This is done via the creation of a simple modem that uses On-Off Keying (OOK) as the modulation scheme, and an (8, 12) Hamming code for error ...
  • Easter, Hollis (2003)
  • Lopatin, Ralph (Swarthmore, Pa. : Ralph Lopatin, 1964, 1964)
    Scenes of the arrival of President Lyndon B. Johnson on Clothier Field, and President Lyndon B. Johnson as the Centennial speaker
  • (Swarthmore College, February 20, 2009)
    This week on War News Radio, we profile an independent theater production that examines the ways the national media shapes conversations between individuals. Dani Noble reports. Then, we find out more about the deal ...
  • Peters, Nathaniel (2007)
    Verlan is a language game that has long existed in France, but became widely-used by youth from the banlieues, the French suburban “ghetto,” in the 1970s. It reverses a Standard French word to produce a new form that ...
  • Tarantella / Kurz -- From Separation to Unity / Riccio -- Wrath of Infinity / Cho -- De Animals A-Comin / Spiritual -- Autumn Leaves / Kosma -- I Can't Give You Anything But Love / Fields -- Down by the Sally Gardens / Old Irish Air -- Moonlight Bay / Wenrich -- Colchester Fantasy / Ewasen -- Bewaa / Traditional, Ghana -- Piano Trio No.1 in B Major, op.8 / Brahms -- Trio in A minor, op.188 for Oboe, Horn, and Piano / Reinecke
    (Swarthmore College, April 5, 2009)
  • (Swarthmore College, January 22, 2007)
  • (Swarthmore College, September 5, 2005)
  • Mendelson, Benjamin (2008)
    The author, who grew up 5 miles from Lisbon, Maine, spent 2 weeks traveling down backcountry roads and town streets to experience Lisbon. With a goal in mind to write an ethnography of Lisbon by drawing on observation, ...
  • Ross, Raylene (2000)
    This thesis discusses the direct need for scholars to study the gap between the economic role of women and men within Nigerian history. The author reviews the economic conditions of women in Nigeria, especially the Igbo ...
  • (Swarthmore College, May 3, 2013)
    In this month’s show, we examine three issues that build on the relationship between environmental stresses and conflict. First, we examine the impact of a five-year drought on the Syrian Revolution. Then, we investigate ...
  • (Swarthmore College, April 4, 2014)
    This week on War News Radio, “Changing Perspectives.” First, we learn how the mainstream American media has sensationalized mass shootings and normalized urban gun violence. Next, we present our editorial segment, “Filibusted.” ...
  • (Swarthmore College, September 6, 2013)
    This week on War News Radio, “Chaos and Crisis." First, we summarize the current civil war in Syria. Next, we present our editorial segment, “Filibusted.” Then, we hear from youth protesters in Brazil, Turkey, and Egypt. ...


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