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  • Despres-Burack, Heather (1990)
    This thesis explores mental illness, craziness, insanity, madness, and psychosis. These words refer to a tentatively identifiable condition or idea, referring both to our external behavior and subjective experience and ...
  • By Force 
    (Swarthmore College, October 2, 2015)
    This week on War News Radio, “By Force.” Reporter Liliana Frankel spent summer 2015 living and working at a migrant shelter in Oaxaca, Mexico. While she was there, she collected interviews with people passing through. This ...
  • On the Sunny Side of the Street / McHugh -- Angel Eyes / Dennis -- Yardbird Suite / Parker -- Syeeda's Song Flute / Coltrane -- Beatrice / Rivers -- Blues for a Lovely Beast / Ward
    (Swarthmore College, December 8, 2006)
  • Berger II, RJ (2002)
    This project is the creation of a networked graphical user interface (GUI) for a 3D positioner with five degrees of freedom. The positioner can place a platform holding a pantilt camera anywhere within a 1 m3 . The ...
  • (Swarthmore College, April 17, 2011)
  • Mathews, Claire Regester (1985)
    The general topic of this thesis is feminist theology, meaning theology based on the experience of women, and more accurately, on certain types of women's experience. A theology rising out of traditional women's experience ...
  • Young, Joslyn (2010)
    This work focuses on research conducted at the Chester Voices for Change (VFC) Summer Institute, my Lang Opportunity Scholarship project. Over the course of six weeks, I worked with ten African American teenagers from ...
  • (Swarthmore College, February 19, 2010)
    This week on War News Radio, The question of debaathification has dominated most of Iraq’s parliamentary campaign. But for many, that’s not the top issue. We speak with a candidate who hopes to use his seat to battle ...
  • (Swarthmore, Pa. : Swarthmore College, 1928, 1928)
  • (Swarthmore, Pa. : Swarthmore College, n.d, October 24, 2010)
  • (Swarthmore, Pa. : Swarthmore College, 1934, 1934)
    Scenes of the Greek gods' game, Freshman Week, etc., 1934
  • (Swarthmore, Pa. : Swarthmore College, ca.1974, 1974)
    Scenes from the programs of Swarthmore College's Folk Dance Club probably in 1972 and 1973
  • (Swarthmore, Pa.: Swarthmore College, 1936-1937, NaN, NaN)
    Founders' Day, tree planting, May Day, sports including football, soccer, basketball, track, etc. Gene Sarazen giving exhibition. Band crowd scenes, at football and soccer games, cheerleaders. Soccer at Haverford including ...
  • (Swarthmore, Pa. : Swarthmore College, ca. 1976, 1976)
    Scenes of the Swarthmore College campus, probably of Parent's Day, 1976
  • Goldstein, Matthew J. (Swarthmore College, 2004)
    Statins are drugs known to inhibit 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A (HMG- CoA) reductase, the enzyme of the rate-limiting step in the mevalonate pathway (4, 14). This pathway is responsible for the production of ...
  • Miller, Cay (2003)
    This thesis will examine the history of television in Australia, the invasion of American media, Australian views towards this trend, and the situation of American media in Australia today. There will be a short explanation ...
  • (Swarthmore College, March 22, 2015)
  • Duke, Nell K. (1993)
    A compendium of factors point to a need for both academic and professional attention to Black English in early writing. First, recent trends in literacy education emphasize writing as an integral part of emergent literacy. ...
  • Mitro, Susanna (Swarthmore College, 2011)
    Many species extract age-related information from conspecific body odors to facilitate social interaction. Because humans can detect certain biological information in body odor, and human body odor changes chemically with ...


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