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Interview with Esther Ralph and Linda Arner / by Margaret Schaus

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Title: Interview with Esther Ralph and Linda Arner / by Margaret Schaus
Author: Ralph, Esther
Advisor: Schaus, Margaret; Arner, Linda
Type: Recording, oral
Running Time: 68214032 bytes
Issue Date: 2008-01-25
Subject: Haverford College -- History
Description: Interview conducted at the home of Linda Arner, daughter of Esther Ralph, in West Chester, PA.
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Esther_Ralph.tif Photo of Ester Ralph 246.9Kb TIFF image
Track029.mp3 Campus changes, library’s old main door, former arrangement of Magill’s main floor (3:40) 3.358Mb Unknown
Track028.mp3 Old science libraries (2:18) 2.107Mb Unknown
Track027.mp3 Cricket Collection (1:09) 1.053Mb Unknown
Track026.mp3 Photographs in the library report and in Esther’s personal collection (2:10) 1.985Mb Unknown
Track025.mp3 Esther’s notes in response to questions, early staff with library degrees, library directors as teaching faculty (2:04) 1.893Mb Unknown
Track024.mp3 Call number systems (1:06) 1.008Mb Unknown
Track023.mp3 Yearbooks (1:05) 1016.Kb Unknown
Track022.mp3 Arrangement of stacks (2:34) 2.351Mb Unknown
Track021.mp3 Photos of staff, library administration (2:05) 1.908Mb Unknown
Track020.mp3 St. Sebastian painting (0:38) 595.1Kb Unknown
Track019.mp3 The Boat study area and student signs posted during the 1965 library addition (3:30) 3.205Mb Unknown
Track018.mp3 Staff offices, stairways (4:52) 4.456Mb Unknown
Track017.mp3 Commencement ceremonies, female students (0:47) 735.6Kb Unknown
Track016.mp3 Special events on campus – Eleanor Roosevelt at Collection, Van Trapp Family (0:48) 751.5Kb Unknown
Track015.mp3 Preserving Esther’s library history including photographs (2:03) 1.878Mb Unknown
Track014.mp3 New library addition and growth of collection (4:20) 3.907Mb Unknown
Track013.mp3 Quaker Collection and cage (4:20) 3.968Mb Unknown
Track012.mp3 Library Staff (1:57) 1.786Mb Unknown
Track011.mp3 Science Library (4:13) 3.861Mb Unknown
Track010.mp3 Microcards and microfilm including Landmarks of Science (0:57) 891.9Kb Unknown
Track009.mp3 Dean Lockwood (0:53) 829.4Kb Unknown
Track008.mp3 Student Workers, numbers of students, female students (3:09) 2.885Mb Unknown
Track007.mp3 First use of OCLC and Computer Cataloging (4:55) 4.502Mb Unknown
Track006.mp3 Tri-college Mellon Project in 1976? (1:53) 1.725Mb Unknown
Track005.mp3 Other people as sources of information including Diana Petersen, Joan Powell, Lucille Weeks, Edward Collins-Hughes (5:40) 5.189Mb Unknown
Track004.mp3 Magill’s Addition of 1965 (1:55) 1.755Mb Unknown
Track003.mp3 Magill’s Building History (1:35) 1.450Mb Unknown
Track002.mp3 Esther Ralph’s Background (1:07) 1.023Mb Unknown
Track001.mp3 College Librarians Dean Lockwood, Craig Thompson, Jack Lester, Edwin Bronner (3:00) 2.748Mb Unknown
EsterRalph_writtenanswers.pdf Written answers to some interview questions 1.958Mb PDF
RalphE_release.pdf ** Archive Staff Only ** 514.5Kb PDF
Full Interview.wav ** Archive Staff Only ** 717.2Mb WAV audio
Full Interview.mp3 (1:11:03) 65.05Mb Unknown


Ralph, Esther. "Interview with Esther Ralph and Linda Arner / by Margaret Schaus". 2008-01-25. Available electronically from

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