Right on Time: The Framing of Predicted Duration

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Title: Right on Time: The Framing of Predicted Duration
Author: Yum, Yen Na
Advisor: Boltz, Marilyn
Department: Haverford College. Dept. of Psychology
Type: Thesis (B.A.)
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Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: This study examined the linguistic framing effects of temporal metaphor and subjective temporal distance on predicted duration estimates. Eighty participants were presented with a video prime designed to elicit the temporal metaphor of time- or ego-motion (i.e. time moving towards or with one's self). After the prime, participants received task instructions in writing, which were framed in one of the two temporal metaphors (ego-/time-motion) and two subjective temporal distances (near/far). Participants in all conditions then completed a task of sorting 100 journals by title and publishing date. Afterwards, participants gave a retrospective estimate of task duration and completed a series of personality questionnaires. It was hypothesized that the time-motion metaphor and near subjective temporal distance would both reduce the underestimation bias typically observed in predictive duration estimates. Results supported the hypotheses, with temporal metaphor having a greater impact than subjective temporal distance. In addition, a multiple regression analysis of the questionnaire data revealed that several behavioral indices significantly predict the magnitude at which the underestimation bias occurs: high scores on the Future orientation subscale in the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory, low scores on the Task Hurry subscale in the Time Urgency Scale, and low scores on Order in the Conscientiousness facet of NEO-PI. These findings are discussed in terms of their theoretical and practical implications.
Subject: Time -- Psychological aspects
Subject: Ego (Psychology)
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