Did You See What I Just Heard? Auditory Dominance in Temporal Judgments

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Title: Did You See What I Just Heard? Auditory Dominance in Temporal Judgments
Author: Giffin, Carly
Advisor: Boltz, Marilyn
Department: Haverford College. Dept. of Psychology
Type: Thesis (B.A.)
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Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the auditory driving effect with naturalistic stimuli. To this end, two experiments were performed. Experiment One paired montages of photographs presented at a fixed rate accompanied by music where tempo was either faster, slower, or the same. After the initial montage, two shorter probes were shown. The subjects’ task was to choose which of two visual probes, consisting of shorter versions of the montage they had just seen without accompanying music, was presented at the same rate as the original montage. In Experiment Two, the experiment design was reversed such that the music was held constant while the speed at which the montages were presented was manipulated. The subjects’ task in this experiment was to choose which of two auditory probes, presented without accompanying photographs, was the same tempo as the music they had just heard. Results showed that discrepant auditory information had a larger biasing effect on subsequent visual probes than discrepant visual information had on subsequent auditory probes. Thus, the experiment provides support for the auditory driving effect using naturalistic stimuli. This finding has theoretical and practical implications.
Subject: Visual perception -- Psychological aspects
Subject: Musical perception -- Psychological aspects
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Giffin, Carly. "Did You See What I Just Heard? Auditory Dominance in Temporal Judgments". 2008. Available electronically from

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