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  • Sabloff, Josh (September , 2014)
    When you first took calculus, there were probably many things that you understood at a mostly intuitive level — like limits' or the fact that a function with a positive derivative is increasing — or believed because your ...
  • Sabloff, Jeff (January , 2015)
    Last semester was dedicated to building up an abstract framework through which to understand the underpinnings of Calculus. The central ideas were the limiting process and completeness, the topology of normed vector spaces ...
  • Macbeth, Danielle (January , 2015)
    Although language has always mattered to philosophy, only in the twentieth century did it become a recognized sub-field of philosophy. For almost the whole of the twentieth century, the philosophy of language was a defining ...
  • Germany, Robert (September , 2014)
    How can a text be both ancient and novel? In this class we will explore the earliest prose fiction in the Western world. We will consider the relationship of the novel to other ancient genres, especially regarding its ...
  • Ngwane, Zolani (September , 2014)
    This course will examine a few South African novels written by black authors from the early part of the 20th century to the present. The underlying argument of the course is that literature has ethnographic value, not ...
  • Saleh, Zainab (September , 2014)
    This course surveys anthropological approaches to the Middle East and North Africa, with a focus on themes of representation and power. The course begins with the emergence of the concept of the Middle East in the mid ...
  • Shipley, Jesse (September , 2014)
    This course traces the trickster as important to the development of 20th century thinking. The trickster figure in anthropology, folklore, and religious studies has been used to examine how a society understands itself. ...
  • Tecosky-Feldman, Jeff (January , 2015)
    This course is an introduction to the basic techniques of calculus, with a strong emphasis on applications. The first step in being able to apply mathematical techniques to real-world problems is the development of a ...
  • Miao, Weiwen (September , 2014)
  • Alm, Charlotte (September , 2014)
    The course is an introduction to classic and contemporary social psychology and to applied social psychology. The latter is concerned with analyzing and understanding social and personal problems as well as developing ...
  • Smith, Jakov (January , 2015)
    This course provides an introduction to basic research methods and resources in the field of East Asian studies. Our source materials include a survey history of East Asia; monographic and article-length studies of ...
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  • Solomon, Carol (September , 2014)
    This interdisciplinary course will use a variety of critical approaches to explore European art in the context of political, social, and cultural developments in the period from the late eighteenth century to the mid-nineteenth ...
  • Willman, Beth (September , 2014)
    This is a one semester survey course that satisfies the QU and NA requirements, but is intended for non-science majors. We will discuss and analyze a broad range of astronomical phenomenon, from properties of the night ...
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