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  • Smith, Walter F. (January , 2015)
    Physics 105/115 and 106 together constitute an introduction to physics that is suitable for Quantum mechanics forms the basis of our understanding of the universe, and is absolutely essential both to all applications of ...
  • (1960)
  • (1961)
  • (1962)
  • (1975)
  • (1981)
  • Glassman, Hank (September , 2014)
    This course is an introduction to Japan. It is a chronological survey of Japanese civilization from pre-­‐history through the present. As such, it is by definition selective in its coverage. ...
  • Schoneveld, Erin (January , 2015)
    This seminar will consider the revolutionary transformation of Japanese artistic and exhibitionary practices from the late 19th century through the Postwar period. We will explore how Japanese artists wrestled with issues ...
  • Freedman, Richard (January , 2015)
    A study of jazz and its social meanings. Starting with an overview of jazz styles and European idioms closely bound to jazz history, the course will give students a basic aural education in musical forms, the process of ...
  • July 1960 
  • July 1961 
  • July 1981 
  • June 1963 
  • June 1975 
  • Jilani, Saleha (September , 2014)
    This seminar-based course covers topics in international trade theory and policy, and foreign direct investment. Determinants of international trade and foreign investment will be analyzed, and we will examine the ...
  • Parameswaran, Giri (January , 2015)
    This is a seminar course in political economy. The focus is on critical reading of seminal works and developing students own research skills. Topics covered include: (i) models of elections and application of voting ...
  • Preston, Anne (September , 2014)
    This course is a research seminar which examines how organized sports can be used as a laboratory to answer important economics questions. Organized sports are distinct from other multi-million dollar industries in that ...
  • Mohan, Raji (September , 2014)
    Junior Seminar is a year-long course that inducts you into the English major at Haverford. It seeks to expose you to a range of literary texts from Shakespeare to Derek Walcott, introduce you to the major analytical currents ...
  • Gillihan, Seth (January , 2015)
    This course will provide training in how to conduct research in abnormal psychology. Students will learn about methodological issues that address questions related to mood, anxiety, sleep, and other variables, including ...
  • Okeke, Iruke; Melo, Justin (September , 2014)


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