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  • Smith, Paul Jakov (January , 2015)
    As an administrator of one of the many Confucius Institutes established in America and elsewhere to project Chinese cultural influence recently observed: “Let’s not forget that China held the title of the world's largest ...
  • LeGates, Richard T. (2007)
  • Freud, Sigmund (W.W. Norton, 1961)
  • Cross, Dan (September , 2014)
    This course, together with Physics 102, will provide an introduction to physics appropriate for pre-health profession students and scientific age citizens. My aim is to provide you with: • Knowledge of the principles and ...
  • Setter, Kevin (January , 2015)
    In Physics 102, we study electrical and magnetic phenomena, with an emphasis on applications in the life sciences. Indeed, electromagnetism is fundamental for life. For instance, organisms sense their environments by ...
  • Compton, Rebecca (January , 2015)
    Examines the neural basis of higher mental functions, including brain systems supporting vision, object recognition, attention, memory, spatial functions, language, emotion and decision-making. Major themes include mind/brain ...
  • Dickinson, Emily (Little Brown and Company, 1960)
  • Donne, John (Random House, Inc., 2001)
  • Manning, Rob (January , 2015)
    An introduction to complex analysis, featuring: • examples where computations involving complex numbers yield results purely about real numbers • a calculus-like theory (including limits, series, derivatives, integrals) ...
  • Arauco, Ingrid (January , 2015)
    This semester we’ll be thinking a lot about the nature of musical ideas, and about how to develop these ideas to their full potential. Our goal will be to create a portfolio of 4 short (approx. 1-2 page) pieces for piano, ...
  • Prokop-Prigge, Kate (January , 2015)
    The course will provide you with the necessary skills to understand the theoretical basis of structure and bonding as well as the physical and chemical properties of inorganic compounds. Through readings, lectures and ...
  • Bondurant, Joan V. (Princeton University Press, 1988)
  • Frank, Jason (Duke University Press, 2010)
  • O'Brien, David M. (W.W. Norton, 2005)
  • Solomon, Carol (January , 2015)
    This course will consider aspects of contemporary art and visual culture of North Africa and the Middle East and the other two principal non-Arab Muslim states in the region, Iran and Turkey. Interdisciplinary in scope, ...
  • Shipley, Jesse (September , 2014)
    Anthropology 450 is the first semester of a year-long seminar during which senior anthropology majors design a research project culminating in an original thesis.
  • The Rebel Angels -- What's Bred in the Bone -- The Lyre of Orpheus
    Davies, Robertson (Penguin Books, 1991)
  • Calvino, Italo; Weaver, William (Harcourt, 1968)
  • Appiah, Kwame Anthony (2006)
  • Kinzer, Stephen (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2002)


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