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  • Prokop-Prigge, Kate (January , 2015)
    The course will provide you with the necessary skills to understand the theoretical basis of structure and bonding as well as the physical and chemical properties of inorganic compounds. Through readings, lectures and ...
  • Solomon, Carol (January , 2015)
    This course will consider aspects of contemporary art and visual culture of North Africa and the Middle East and the other two principal non-Arab Muslim states in the region, Iran and Turkey. Interdisciplinary in scope, ...
  • Shipley, Jesse (September , 2014)
    Anthropology 450 is the first semester of a year-long seminar during which senior anthropology majors design a research project culminating in an original thesis.
  • Crises 
    Lambie-Hanson, Timothy (September , 2014)
    The first part of this course focuses on economic crises throughout history, beginning with the Tulipmania and South Seas’ episodes. We then turn our attention to banking, sovereign debt, and ...
  • Miller, Jerry (September , 2014)
    This course examines efforts over the last century to engage the ethical without recourse to formal systems or foundational principles. How do we contemplate value outside of an absolute ground as instead a condition of ...
  • Curl, Heather (September , 2014)
    This is designed to be the first course students take if they are interested in pursuing one of the options offered through the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program. These options include state certification at the secondary ...
  • Ngwane, Zolani (September , 2014)
    This course is a historical overview of some classic and contemporary ethnographic studies of Africa. The course focuses on the contribution of social anthropology to our understanding of the history, politics and ...
  • Farber, Paul (September , 2014)
    Whether as statues, walls, plaques, parks, or other commemorative structures, memorials and monuments are regular features of urban topography. Such ”sites of memory” not only instruct us about significant events of the ...
  • DeHaven, Brian (September , 2014)
    This course will focus on recent scientific literature of important disease-causing viruses. Much of the class will be spent on current novel outbreaks (Ebola, Chikungunya, Enterovirus), but time will also be spent on more ...
  • Curl, Heather (September , 2014)
    The primary goal of this course is to teach you how to teach. This will be accomplished using a variety of methods: through readings and reflections, discussions among yourselves and with me, lessons with experienced ...
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  • Isaacs, Anita (September , 2014)
    This course is envisioned simultaneously as a research seminar and a seminar about qualitative research in comparative politics. It is designed to guide you through the various stages of the research design process, from ...
  • Borowiak, Craig (September , 2014)
    This is a research-intensive course geared towards advanced students (including especially senior political majors) who are prepared to undertake a significant research project for the duration of the semester. For many ...
  • McGovern, Steve (September , 2014)
    This research seminar is intended to serve two functions for political science majors. First, it is a capstone seminar that gives students an opportunity to reflect upon the condition of democracy in America. Second, the ...


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