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  • McGuire, Anne (January , 2016)
    This course focuses on critical reading and interpretation of the 13 New Testament letters attributed to the apostle Paul. The primary goals of the course are: 1) to become familiar with the language, argument, and theology ...
  • Boltz, Marilyn (January , 2016)
    This laboratory correlate to Psy 213 will focus on the methods used to investigate the nature of perception, memory, and other cognitive behaviors. These various methodologies will be employed within a set of empirical ...
  • Boltz, Marilyn (January , 2016)
    Relative to other areas of psychology, cognitive psychology is a relatively young sub-discipline that emerged in the late 1950’s in response to various problems associated with the behaviorist paradigm. In the research ...
  • McGuire, Anne (January , 2016)
    This course offers an introduction to the scholarly study of the New Testament and early Christian literature. Our primary focus throughout the course will be literary and historical analysis of the 27 writings of the New ...
  • Mohan, Rajeswari (January , 2016)
    The term “postcolonial” is a complex and ambiguous one, but it has proven to be a useful rubric for the study of writings that emerge out of varied literary traditions from far-flung regions of the world that have in common ...


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