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Germantown Pennsylvania

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Title: Germantown Pennsylvania
Author: Scattergood, Abigail
Department: Bryn Mawr College. Growth and Structure of Cities Program
Type: Thesis (B.A.)
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Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: Germantown, Pennsylvania is a neighborhood located in the Northwest section of Philadelphia. Once Philadelphia’s original suburb, modern Germantown has undergone many changes, transforming in the 20th Century from a streetcar suburb to a working class, predominately African American area. While the neighborhood demographics have certainly changed, Germantown possesses a distinctiveness which speaks to its historic roots; from Revolutionary War battles to Underground Railroad sites. This paper looks closely at three historic sites in Germantown to analyze their potential as tools for community and economic development; Cliveden, Awbury Arboretum, and the Johnson House. The principal focus of this research is how historical preservation is used in Germantown to promote community and economic development initiatives; whether that be the creation of new business and jobs, the development of community groups, or an increased emphasis on the aesthetics of Germantown Avenue. Ultimately, the analysis of the case studies provides a framework for a larger understanding of historic preservation and community development in Germantown; what the current conditions are and how they should be changed for the future in order to elevate the role of historic sites within the greater Germantown community.
Subject: Germantown (Philadelphia, Pa.)
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