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A Royal Disappointment: The Private Scandals of George IV, 1785–1820

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Title: A Royal Disappointment: The Private Scandals of George IV, 1785–1820
Author: Kass, Joshua
Advisor: Kitroeff, Alexander; Graham, Lisa Jane
Department: Haverford College. Dept. of History
Type: Thesis (B.A.)
Running Time: 307096 bytes
Issue Date: 2007
Honors: Department of History Prize Winning Thesis
Abstract: The scandals of George IV demonstrate how events of the private sphere can become politicized and cast doubt on a leader’s moral qualifications. At a time when the political authority of the crown was waning, an expanding print media put pressure on royalty to embody emerging values of filial care and financial constraint. This thesis uses pamphlet literature and caricatures to examine how the exposure of George’s vices created a broader realm of civic participation. It examines his illicit marriage to a lowborn Catholic, the burden of his lavish expenses, his disrespect for his father, George III, and his neglectful relationship with his daughter, Princess Charlotte. Each of these reveal how the expansion of the political nation inspired claims for royal accountability and exposed leaders to popular standards of morality.
Subject: Great Britain -- Kings and rulers -- Public opinion
Subject: Great Britain -- History -- George IV, 1820-1830
Subject: George IV, King of Great Britain, 1762-1830
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Kass, Joshua. "A Royal Disappointment: The Private Scandals of George IV, 1785–1820". 2007. Available electronically from

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